Gotta Catch ‘Em All! … just kidding.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve got it bad. And not in the Usher sense, but in the my-body-hurts-from-coughing sense. In case you wanted to look the enemy in the eye, ThinkGeek has an assortment of Plush Microbes available for you on sale ($7-9). Buy two and get swine flu for free! If that isn’t an attractive offer, I don’t know what is!

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8-bit Flower Bouquet

Looking for geeky Valentine’s ideas? has got you covered. I’m personally eyeing this
8-Bit Flower Bouquet
(dismembered hand not included, $15) as a no-maintenance way to perk up my cubicle.

ThinkGeek is also offering $10 for $40+ orders until 11:59pm EST 2/4 with code PLAYER2, which should give you extra enough for you to pick up a little something for yourself too.

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Ice Invaders

I’m always happy to dork up my kitchen, and these Ice Invaders will do nicely. The only concern is that they seem pretty small, but I think the easy solution to that is to increase speed, change direction, and add more. No?

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You Might Be a Zombie

My brother loves to refer to me as a “Cracked addict” due to how much time I spend on humor web site Their web site is fairly low-brow and irreverent humor (this may be an understatement), but occasionally rounds up interesting historical tidbits and internet memes to appeal to the dork in me and always leaves me coming back for more.

Now with the release of their book, You Might Be a Zombie and Other Bad News: Shocking but Utterly True Facts ($8.88), I can proudly display my love for Cracked on my coffee table (or bathroom floor). Check out their preview or, you know, their web site to check out their sense of humor and see if it meshes with yours!

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Hello Kitty Collection at Sephora

The preview went blazingly fast in December, but now we have the official release of the Hello Kitty exclusive Sephora collection. I won’t bother making any comments about their model, but in all seriousness, this mirror looks to be so full of bling ($49). I’m not sure how I feel about the rest of the line featuring makeup served out of Hello Kitty’s head, though… or about any of these prices. But if we’ve come to learn anything from over three decades of Hello Kitty, it’s that she’s an incredibly strong business woman.

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Tomoko Maruyama

Tomoko Maruyama - Golden Gate Bridge

I was born and raised and, as they say, left my heart in San Francisco. These ultra cute prints (~$35) from artist Tomoko Maruyama never fail to brighten my day and remind me of my family and the beautiful foggy city… and to buy plane tickets to go back home! If you are in San Francisco, I know that the Kinokuniya stationery store in Japantown usually stocks prints as well as posters and tees.

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Computer Scientist Barbie

One time in elementary school, we were given a homework assignment to draw ourselves at our future job. While others envisioned themselves as future presidents or astronauts or dinosaurs, I drew myself in a glorious cubicle equipped with giant computer monitor and swivel chair. I also drew myself with glasses, before I had glasses. Oh yes, I dared to dream. And now other little girls can too, with “I Can Be Computer Engineer” Barbie.

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Stocking Stuffers: FunKo Cute

These FunKo plushies (up to ~$13) are great desktop companions. From Lord of the Rings, you have Frodo, Gandalf, Legolas, and even a menacing orc to recreate epic willpower-tempting, shield-surfing adventures in Middle Earth. If fantasy isn’t your thing, how about getting your superhero on with an unprecedentedly cute Batman, accompanied by a number of other DC favorites like the Joker and Wonder Woman? And of course, one of the dorkiest superheros… Superman!
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shotglasses

teenage mutant ninja turtle shot glassesCowabunga! How totally radical are these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shot glasses ($14.99)? It seems like happier turtles are a little bit pricier at ~$19 though.

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Keep your head and chin warm this winter with a Beardo ($39.99)! Dignity not included.

Oh, Canada, who are we kidding. We totally could have rocked this for Movember. Or laughed trying.

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